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Triangulate Health Ltd is a consultancy firm specialising in health and pharmaceutical economics and policy. We support organisations worldwide in designing and executing economic research, analytical projects and policy analyses for use in healthcare decision-making, communication and advocacy, and product positioning. Our dedicated team of professionals is strengthened by an extensive network of internationally recognised experts. Together, our mission is to support organisations across the public and private sectors in accelerating progress toward strategic objectives by identifying critical evidence needs and delivering authoritative, best-in-class analysis.


Meet The Team

David Tordrup

Managing Director

David is a senior researcher with more than 10 years of experience in health economics and health sciences.

He works with multinational organisations and companies to generate evidence and analyses on access to medicines. David has previously worked as a staff researcher at the London School of Economics, at the World Health Organization in Brussels, and as a consultant in the private sector.

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Chrissy Bishop

Principal Consultant

Chrissy is an epidemiologist and management consultant with 12 years of healthcare experience.

Chrissy has collaborated extensively with clinical and public health clients – specialising in combining analytics and stakeholder engagement to guide decision making and produce impact. Client focus spans public and private sector, non-profit and intergovernmental organisations, including the UK National Health Service, United Nations, World Health Organization and Pharmaceutical Industry.


Federico Cairoli

Senior Consultant

Federico, MSc, MD, is a medical doctor with four years of experience as a researcher and analyst in health economics and public health epidemiology. He has experience working on international vaccine research projects, which include a cost-effectiveness analysis of the COVID-19 vaccine for seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has published more than 20 scientific articles in PubMed-indexed and high-impact international journals, mainly related to systematic reviews and health economic evaluations in LMIC.

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Arnold Hagans

Senior Consultant

Arnold is a senior modeler with a background in information technology and economics.

After an early career in the software industry, he transitioned to healthcare research focusing on statistics and health economics. His current research focuses on dynamic mathematical models to estimate the impact and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions.


Mel Phillips

Business Manager

Mel has over 20 years of business and operational management experience in various business sectors. She brings expert knowledge and understanding to oversee operational activities at every level. Mel is responsible for implementing policies, planning and strategy, overseeing budgets and resources, reporting, recruitment, and staff wellbeing. 


Hannah is a health economist with a background in development economics.

She has over two years of consultancy experience, working on research projects in the areas of vaccines, ATMPs, and broader value in health technology assessments. Her research experience includes literature reviews, qualitative research methods, economic modelling, and producing papers and other outputs. Her areas of interest include global health and public health policies.

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Hannah Schirrmacher

Junior Consultant


Deeksha Parashar


Deeksha is a health policy analyst with a passion for shaping evidence-based strategies to address global health challenges. She holds an MSc in Health Policy Planning and Financing from LSE and LSHTM, and over three years of cross-sectoral experience from roles at Gavi, the Ministry of Health (India), and ZS Associates. Specialising in vaccines, pharmaceutical commercial strategies, and health financing, she brings a diverse skill set that includes conducting comprehensive impact assessments, literature reviews, health policy evaluations, and cost-effectiveness analyses.


Stasha Mamotra

Marketing & Communications

Stasha is a marketing and communications coordinator with a background in global health and biomedical science.

Her experience includes health policy, technical research and writing, and producing dissemination materials. She is the go-to creative consultant responsible for digital marketing, branding, content creation, and social media activities. Meanwhile, her global health areas of interest include gender-based issues, mental health, and social determinants of health, especially among marginalised and underserved communities.


Zicheng Wang


Zicheng is a passionate and interdisciplinary global health researcher with experience in economic modelling, health policy, systematic review, and data analysis. With a background in biomedical science from Imperial College London, he received additional training in health economics and global health policy during his Master's programme at the London School of Economics. His passion lies in improving access to medicine and healthcare in developing countries. Zicheng received a prize for the best MSc thesis in his cohort at LSE on cost-effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors for lung cancer. 


Alex is an MSc graduate with a background in public health.

Prior to completing her MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at LSE and LSHTM, Alex spent a number of years conducting quantitative research at a local health organisation and working as a project officer in the strategic and planning division at a statutory health organisation.

Maria Bermudez

Senior Analyst

Maria is a health policy analyst with a background in health technology assessment and clinical medicine.

She has five years of experience working with and leading teams in the academic, clinical, and public sector across clinical care, project management and research. Her research experience includes stakeholder engagement, scoping and systematic reviews, health policy analysis, and producing technical papers and other written outputs. Her areas of interest include public health policies and population health in low-middle income countries.

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Konstantina Politopoulou

Senior Analyst


Konstantina holds an MSc in International Health Policy and an MPharm degree. She specialises in pharmaceutical policy, clinical trial analytics, and health technology assessment (HTA), particularly in the oncology field. Her work involves analysing HTA outcomes and assessing access issues for innovative medicines in various countries.

Konstantina is a seasoned Analyst in Oncology and HTA with Global Expertise in Pharmaceutical Policy and Clinical Research.

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